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Homesim number DetailsHow to Check SIMS on CNIC – Sim Information System

How to Check SIMS on CNIC – Sim Information System

How to Check SIMS on CNIC – Sim Information System

PTA has made it easy to check the number of SIMS through CNIC. And still, some people do n’t know, and if you know how to know the number of sims registered against CNIC. So that’s great If you do n’t know do n’t worry because moment in this composition we’re talking about checking Sims from CNIC.

Since the preface of cellular phones in Pakistan, due to the reduction in their prices, indeed the common people moment have the occasion to use smartphones.

Those who wanted to misuse it started misusing the technology and also for this reason illegal conditioning like terrorist attacks etc. Will be plant linked to unrecorded SIM.

To address these issues, PTA introduced the SIM information system. This system is designed so that druggies can fluently check the number of active Sims in their name online from home.
Still, you can fluently block it, If the number of SIM cards issued against your CNIC is advanced than you suppose or you suppose I didn’t take the Sim card.

All these people should know that the Pakistan telecommunication authority is taking strict action against those whose Sims are being used as illegal. Thus, all Pakistanis should check the information about sims on their ID Card number .

How to Check SIMS on CNIC
There are two ways to check the number of sims against CNIC.

Online with website
Offline via transferring an SMS

To check the number of sims online, you need to go to the ( website, In this, you need to have internet. And the other way is to shoot an SMS to 668, so let us tell you all about them in detail.

Check Online SIMS on CNIC
First Go to the SIM information system and also follow the information below.

To find out the total number of SIMs registered against
your CNIC, enter your CNIC and click Submit. In case of Foreign Nationals, click on Foreign ID



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